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Who We Are

Esteem Communications provides four pillars of services to our varied clients:

Mastery of Skills –

Ecommerce & Livestreaming – Marketing (High in Demand)

Omni-Channel Marketing –

Brand & Communications –

Each of these pillars are part of a value chain that enhances the client’s corporate reputation and branding.

The latest addition is the Ecommerce & Livestreaming coaching and services that assists companies to develop communities in the social commerce markets and more importantly increase revenue for products sold.

Mastery of Skills: Training

Esteem Communications provides an array of courses and skills-mastery programmes to elevate the learning & development of organisations. Led by Master Trainer & Coach, Sandra Tan

the key areas of training include:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding
  • Ecommerce Marketing &
  • Livestreaming
  • Critical Thinking
  • AI for Digital Marketers

With years of experience in training and coaching, our trained coaches will liven up classes with wit and knowledge, and bring great value to all participants – in leaping to new knowledge and experiences.

Ecommerce & Livestreaming: MARKETING

With the growth of ecommerce universally and especially in Southeast Asia, the strategy and tools for ecommerce marketing are more and more in demand. Specifically, the areas of Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce Set-up, In-App Paid Ads and Livestreaming are in demand as marketers adopt ecommerce in their strategic thrust. However, adaptation and implementation are issues which companies struggle with.

At Esteem Comms, Lead Trainer Sandra Tan has first hand experience in running an ecommerce business with success. From sourcing to operations, marketing to livestreaming

she is deeply equipped with knowledge and experience share with you these services

  • How to Set Up an Ecommerce Shop For Success
  • How To Achieve Success in Affiliate  Marketing – the SE Asian Way!
  • How to Livestream For Success
  • Explore In-App Advertisements For More Revenue
  • Boot Camp – Sourcing For WiningProduct in China (New! April & October trips)

Annually, Esteem Comms will conduct a Boot Camp in April and October to train and expose participants in the different sourcing methods, negotiation and immersion into Chinese business culture. This is a new programme for eager ecommerce marketers who wish to scale beyond sourcing from Alibaba. Fill in the form here if you are keen to join in the trips.

Omni-Channel Marketing: CONSULTING

With a team of experts in the digital marketing field, Esteem Communications is best at enabling companies to grow their business in the digital realm and beyond.

Building a comprehensive campaign including offline and online channels, Esteem’s edge is putting together a detailed campaign to help generate revenue for companies

which may include:

  • Branding in Social Media
  • Cultivating Media Relations
  • Web Design and Copywriting
  • Generating Leads through Ads
  • Developing Marketing Communications Assets
  • Producing Videos for Impact

The end game would be to bring in sales leads, media connections and networking opportunities.

Brand & Communications: COACHING

Branding and Communications are a big part of Esteem Communications’ offerings. Under our wings, we will provide the right identity, the right word and communication for you, the leader, or for your company. To the effect that you or your company will stand out as a thought leader, an influencer and a strong competitor. 

We’re talking about serious coaching and guidance in branding and communications, and this involves one-to-one sessions for deep attention, to enhance your learning experience.

The focus is on building Signifluence in your leadership which includes:

  • Identifying Important Pillars of Significance
  • Building Key Assets of Influence
  • Developing Communications Style For Success
  • Monitoring Social Goodwill For Impact